Wednesday, October 14, 2009


This is the story of two lovers star crossed,
Of love found and of love lost.
Each from opposing families divided by hate,
Yet brought together by fate.
Forced to share love under the cover of night,
Forbidden to love in clear sight.
Each and every secluded meeting they fought,
For the life together they sought.
Returning home keeping their secrets inside,
Many a silent tear they cried.
Oh what a life to live for the lovers two,
But what else could they do?
But one day circumstance changed it all,
At the annual Capulet family ball.
For at the ball a rich, handsome suitor came,
Marriage! Her father proclaimed.
She smiled and bowed and she put on a show,
It was suicide to let them know.
Told her Romeo did she of her fathers plan,
She was to wed another man.
So to his trusted priest he told of his grief,
Hoping to find a sweet relief.
They married and denounced their family name,
But then came unsavoury change.
Murder! Mercutio avenged with Romeo's knife,
The death of Juliets cousin's life.
Caught and in waiting but sentenced not to die,
Banished without even a goodbye.
In that word's death no words could woe sound,
No end, no limit, measure, bound.
Hope not lost, for the priest had a way out,
Told he to Juliet what it was about.
Quickly home she ran and drank from the vial,
Feigning death for a short while.
But poor Romeo in grief did not read the note,
The plan that the priest wrote.
Hearing of her death and in a fit of dismay,
He traveled to where Juliet lay.
Deciding to end his life with one last kiss,
Placed he a poison to his lips.
One last look to Juliet before it took effect,
She awoke to see the affect.
Realising too late there was yet life in her eyes,
Her death was but a disguise.
Uttered he a few last words upon his breath,
Before his eyes closed in death.
Juliet, seeing her Romeo die and coming to grips,
Kissed her lovers poisoned lips.
Collapsing on the cold bed of stone at his side,
Now become his eternal bride.

For never was a story of more woe,
Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.