Saturday, September 19, 2009

Karima's Paris Themed Cake

First and foremost;  SHOUT OUTS TO FABRIZIO LO IANCONO over at Fabulous Cakes & Confections for making this beautiful cake for my best friend Karima! He is really talented at his craft and he is so detailed and precise with his work. I can't believe that I met him so many years ago at Sam's Club and we finally met again after almost 4 years, maybe 5! He is located really close to where I live and we brainstormed this cake for my girl who just turned 22. She went to Europe for 6 months and out of all the countries she went to, she fell in love with Paris so we really wanted to incorporate The Eiffel Tower into the cake! That, plus Chanel, Christian Louboutins and some diamonds, it all adds up to the final product which is just gorgeous!

Thanks a milli Fab and I will definitely be sending some people your way! Oh, and the funniest thing is that he loves West Indian food, so I'll be hooking him up with some on our next project together! :)

View his Website here.
His Facebook Page here.