Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Curtain Please...

I am Girls Girls Girls in '01 released by Jigga
I am Nas waaay before he came out wit "Nigga"
I am Lauryn Hill when the Sweetest Thing was all she could know
I am Bob Marley getting ready to Turn My Lights Down Low
I am Weezy feenin' to release the Cannon
I am Common when all he wanted was his parenthood to come from plannin'
I made it Through the Wire and became a Golddigga just like Kanye said
I am Pac when he found out Brenda's baby was dead.
I am Janet Jackson when she was still a citizen of Rhythm Nation.
Shit, I am the first time you heard How Does It Feel and you got that tingling sensation
I am Talib Kweli just trying to Get By
I am Jadakiss just wondering Why
I am Whitney Houston when her bodyguard was a white man.
I am Aaliyah when she Rocked the Boat by the sand.
I am India Arie when she was Ready For Love.
I am Monica when he became her Angel from above.
I am just a dream when shit for Big was just getting Juicy.
I am when you just wanted to dance with Tony Tone and Lucy
I am Tyrone when Erykah Badu was telling dat nigga to call.
I am Papoose in the Law Library pullin' books off the wall
I will knock you out like Ladies Love Cool James.
I am the first time Destiny's Child told you to Say My Name.
I am when Ice Cube told you It Was A Good Day
I am when Naughty by Nature had you singing Hip Hop Hooray
I am when Jill Scott was living her life like it was gold.
I am when Boys to Men took you to the End of the Road
I am when Missy Elliot had alllll the boys feeling hot
I am when Usher told you the time was 7'o clock on the dot.
I am Not Guilty like Jay Z and R Kellz
Damn, I am the shit like Cam and Hell Rell

These are only a few, but the point is clear ain't no need to go through the rest.
Period. Point blank, Ladies and Gentlemen I am the best of the best.