Monday, December 15, 2008

a necessity indeed...

Everybody is trying to live their life according to a music video. Everybody wants the girls, the cash, the cars, but nobody realizes these are just materialistic things. All things are glorified. Too many girls with bubbles in their hair, Dora bags on their back and smug looks on their face are pushing “extra” to another limit. As for the boys? Too many boys with all this “hood” bullshit seem to think that having a gun or pushing weight makes you hard. I doubt I would ever see anyone wearing a shirt saying “HEAL THE HOOD”. I wonder what a person trying to hire you for a job would say if you claimed you were from a hood. I highly doubt you’d get hired faster if you said you pushed crack and you were from the ghetto. So please stop repping your block like its hard and trying to mould our city into something it really isn’t. Remember you live in Toronto, Ontario not New York, Queens or Compton. I don’t think anyone who does live in a truly poverty ridden area really loves their predicament, if they’re experiencing strife and difficulties within their lives. There is a world outside your local crack block ladies and gentlemen.

Expand your mind and be open to everything. Education is an important thing that us young kids take for granted everyday. Without the proper knowledge, you won’t be heard or nobody will care to listen to you. Everybody wants pretty things, but NOBODY realizes that in order to attain these things, hard work is a necessity. Michael Jordan wasn't just born into this world with nice handles and I'm pretty sure Donald Trump didn't become rich by sitting on his ass all day. "Cause ain't no tuition for having no ambition and ain't no loans for sitting yo ass at home", says Kanye West.