Sunday, December 14, 2008


Hello Toronto. Hello World.

I’m here. I can’t believe it myself either, and I had been throwing this idea back and forth in my mind for a while, but came to the conclusion, that it is really just innocent fun. Who knows if anyone will even read this? Why am I writing this “intro” to begin with?

My opinion – everyone has their own thoughts and judgements and they are entitled to them. We all have observations!

Do you ever get the feeling that you’ve got a lot going on in your head & heart and you have a lot of things to say and try out and share and you need somewhere to put it all and it would be so unkind to unleash it all on one person? Who really knows if people really care about all the things you forward to them? Enter Blog. It’s ideal because something, someone, somewhere, somehow is going to be able to receive my thoughts without complaining too much and just hold them–the good, the bad, the pretty, the ugly, the raw, the refined, the exciting, the boring, the helpful, the self-serving, the trivial, the tremendous–and pretty much just let them play out however they may…

What can you expect to see here? It’s not going to be a diary, nor a public picture album, I’m not going to post poems or short stories…I can’t even lie, maybe I will post those things…hmm…I’m going to play this one by ear…and make a mess of it.

My blog. My world…through my eyes.