Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Challenge of Ignorance

What is the problem with the world? Is it hatred, famine, or perhaps poverty? These are all major problems, yes, but none of which is the big problem. No, there is a much worse problem. In fact, the main problem is caused by hatred, famine, and poverty. Now one may ask, what is this main problem? It is something we all have, not necessarily in the same amount, but it IS there. It can be bliss as long as you do not keep it as most do. A problem that can be solved easily, though most do not solve it. The challenge the world faces today ... is ignorance.

Everyone has ignorance. Whether it is technological ignorance or social ignorance, everyone has it and don't even try to front like you don't! This becomes a problem when no one tries to reduce ones ignorance. They begin to believe their own half assed ideas, making them more ignorant. Therefore, they lie to themselves or are lied to and the lies fill the new ignorance only to create more, newer lies until they are so ignorant they will believe any damn idiotic thing they are told.

Ignorance is bliss. When you are unaware of some aspects of life, such as war, you can live a peaceful life. However, by keeping yourself unaware you begin to think it does not exist. You become isolated in your shallow, protected, fake little world. Then it hits you; and your stuck in war, poverty, famine, or hatred; and you, who didn't think such things existed, have no way out because the only people available to help you are just as, if not more, ignorant than you.

Ignorance is curable. The vaccination for ignorance is education. However, ignorant people fear education. Education has the potential to destroy their safe little world; and they would not want that to happen. To be pulled from their delusions of life and to be brought back into reality would ruin their entire lifestyle. So they run from education; creating the clowns and bullies of everyday life; creating slaves of ignorance; the ignorance ... of the world.

In theory, ignorance is the easiest problem to solve. Change the opinions and misconceptions of the ignorant masses and ... poof ... ignorance is gone; no more war, no more poverty, no more famine. In theory, ignorance is solved easily. The trouble with ignorance is no one else's opinion can be right because they are all ignorant. So, who is right? Would the only person to be right be the one person whom is not ignorant? Moreover, if such a person exists, would the ignorant masses believe him? Of course, perhaps I am just being ignorant.