Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Toast To The President.

Here's to the end of Bushisms,
to fewer 'rumours on the internet',
to peacemakers rather than 'pacemakers'.

Here's to a White House with complete sentences,
to correct pronunciation of vocabulary,
to verb/noun agreement.

Here's to Biden not shooting someone in the face,
to no one throwing shoes at Obama,
to not 'misunderestimating.

Here's to a legitimately won election,
to eight years now over,
to Bush out of office.

Here's to young blood,
to new faces,
to enthralling speeches.

Here's to hope,
to change,
to breaking the mold.

Here's to optimism,
to Presidential eloquence,
to the tangible excitement in the air.

Here's to history in the making,
to intelligence,
to determination.

Here's to the People,
to diversity,
to monumental moments.

Here's to anticipation,
to charisma,
to four years.

Here's to the Commander in Chief,
to the leader of the nation,
to inaugurations worth celebrating.

Here's to you, Barack Obama.