Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's amazing how much power men hold in our society. They tell us how to act, dress, how much to eat and set us straight when we're not acting "lady like" enough & I wonder occasionally, if I am the definition of "beautiful". Am I too fat? I've got too much pride... My feet are too big. Will they like me if I drape myself in Hollister and act like an airhead? My head is suddenly drowned with questions and regrets. I then look myself in the mirror and I open my eyes.

Then I hear a different voice.

"Let no man determine your worth and your beauty" I'm sick and tired of men, television, magazines...just society telling me what a perfect woman is. Ha, I can't fart around a man cause its not lady like? I can't do what dudes do, cause its gonna look bad on my part? I need to be half naked to impress the men around me? I'm not rocking enough of the latest trends so I'm an odd ball? I've learned to slowly but surely stray away from the superficial and earthly shit. So to all my beautiful women and young ladies out there... hear me out. Whenever you feel as though you're inadequate or as though you need a pound of makeup to look hot or a man's compliments to make you feel good, break free from those thoughts and emotions and hold your head up high. You're worth so much more than what society deems as "beautiful" or what a man considers "sexy". Love God and love yourself before you learn to love others is all I can say.