Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Today, Tuesday, January, 20th 2009 will be a day to be remembered for all time. Today was that day that Barack Obama took the oath of office and he did so upon the Bible that his personal political hero, Abraham Lincoln, used for his own swearing in, in 1861.

I can already tell he is going to be different, his movemen
ts, they way he speaks…he has added his own personal touches to the whole inaugural ceremony. He recruited soul singer Aretha Franklin, evangelical mega church leader Rick Warren, and a young poet to deliver the traditional inaugural poem – that touched my heart so deeply.

Even without those intimate
details, Washington’s 56th presidential inauguration wasn’t traditional: Obama is the first black president elected in the country's history! He was sworn into office one day after the whole world observed Martin Luther King Day. This is going to be BIGGER THAN EVER! I’m more than sure that it broke a lot of records indefinitely – the most costly, most security conscious and probably the most watched in US history.

I, personally, couldn’t; wait to hear him deliver the most important speech of his life. I am a MAD fan of his oratory skills; the man can write and give a damn good speech! His speech was so captivating and it definitely came from the heart. He is so endearing. It’s not even how damn handsome he is, but you can tell he has a genuinely tender soul.

Apparently, he started working on it immediately after November's election victory. Obama's address was followed by a poetry reading, a religious blessing, and the national anthem and then by lunchtime, the United States had its 44th president. A black President. “I have a dream”…continued.

I’m going to post something I wrote for school. And got a 94% on :) It’s a prose. Enjoy!

Obama Prose; Yes We Can. Yes We Did.

Sometimes a person’s life will follow the seemingly hollow declarations of our most reviled clichés, and in the process, those clichés will come to define that person in the best possible light, despite what we all believe to be the emptiness of those sentiments.

“Pursue your passion, they say, and the money will follow. Anything is possible. You only live once, so make it count.”

In truth, we often give credence to those expressions; we may even yearn to embrace them ourselves, yet something keeps us from buying into them with anything more than pocket change. Often, we we’d most like to take them to heart, we’re already strapped with the reality of load bearing responsibilities. The flip side of course, is that those who succeed. Do so in spite of those obstacles.

Desire, discipline, and perspective are the clichés that are almost always found in the lives of the successful, those are three traits that embody Barack Obama.

Obama = Change; the only thing promised in life.