Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dear Life - As Told By William Nguyen

Will, or PhotoWill is such a beautiful soul and I love how he writes. He's so full of passion and has an honest lust for life. This is an entry from his blog, I read it and got goosebumps. If you see this Will, know that I admire you - for more than 5 reasons. Besos papi.

My Love Letter to ______.

There may be some things that may be wrong with you.
You’re not perfect and I know that.
You’re full of flaws and scars.
You’ve made me cry and have broken me into pieces…
…On several occasions.
Ive stayed up many nights thinking and wondering if I could continue this journey with you.
You’ve put me in some really fucked up situations that I wish I was never in.
But this is how it is between us.
But I'm not perfect either.
I've wronged you over and over again.
I've made a lot of bad choices.
But you’ve always given me another chance and showed me paths.
But it can't be perfect right?
How can it be?
But you’ve been good to me lately.
You makes me smile a lot nowadays..some things go wrong…but it has to eventually right?
That's the only way you know its real.
But I'll endure this.
Because I can.
Also because I want to.
Because in the end, the payoff will be grand.
And I know this.
I wouldn't want to be with anyone else.
I would never give this up, nor would I ever trade it for another.
There’s beauty in everything, we just need to see it.
And I see you.
I never want to part from you.
Can we stay here?
Who would have thought after all these years, you would have brought me here?
I don't even know how Ive come to deserve any of this.
I really don't.
Not even in dreams are you as beautiful as you are when I'm awake.
I promise to work hard and stay optimistic…
I just want you to see I'm really trying to make this work.
No matter how rough this gets, I'm going to keep on pushing because brighter days are just ahead.
The sun always rises no matter how dark the night has been.
It may rise less in our winters, but spring always follows.
I know of no such beauty more pure than yours.