Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Prayer for Suicide Angels, Suicide Survivors, and the Suicidal

This is a topic that really hits close to home, those who know me personally will know what I'm talking about. I'd like to believe that this is a topic that EVERYONE knows about and would somehow like to help. I believe that NO ONE should ever feel so alone, so helpless, so unwanted that they would want to take their own life. I understand what it feels like to live like this, what it feels like to be so alone and so upset over something you feel like you can't take the pain and that it will all be gone if you're gone.

Sometimes you want to scream until your lungs burst, begging to be free, yearning to explode out of your body, and suffering until the end. And all someone really wants is someone to take their hand and not let go. To me, suicide is a cry for help.

This is prayer for tortured souls who have committed suicide, those who have survived and those who are contemplating. I'd just like for everyone to know that we are ALL children of God and He created us to LIVE the gift of life that He gave us. Never take your life for granted.

Let us pray…

Lord Jesus Christ we ask that you help everyone who is suicidal.

Guide them so they may receive the help that they need.

Protect them.

Prevent them from dying by suicide.

We need them. We love them.

Let them feel our love, and your love, Lord Jesus.

Lord, we ask that you comfort the suicide survivors.

Remind them that they are very special people.

Remind them that they are heroes.

Fill their minds with beautiful memories of their suicide angels.

Provide them with everything that they need Lord.

Ease their pain.

Give them hope.

Give them comfort.

Give them guidance.

Help them heal.

And help them in every way possible.

Let them feel our love, and your love, Lord Jesus.

And let their suicide angels carry them on their wings when they are weary.

Lord, we pray for the suicide angels.

They are with you now, Lord, in Paradise.

These angels are among the highest angels in Heaven.

Their wings are magnificent and their beauty is beyond imagination.

Their love shines bright.

Embrace them, Lord Jesus, with your love.

And let their love continue to shine down upon us.