Sunday, August 30, 2009


Another TV to get addicted to! I started to watch it when it came out in 2008 but school and work got so hectic I lost a couple episodes and never caught up, although I always saw people writing about it on Facebook and Twitter. I finally got caught up earlier this year and have been religiously watching every Sunday night. This show is so addicting, when it's over at the end, I get all mad and try to search through the rest of my Rogers channels for it lol.

It's getting so juicy! I love Sookie's character but hate her name LOL. Tara reminds me of my best friend Faten so her feisty attitude lol. I never really liked Bill Compton in the show, for some reason her never won over my heart. I always REALLY liked Sam, to me, he's like the Jacob Black of True Blood and obviously Bill would be the Edward Cullen. It's Eric who has won over my heart LOL. I'm always attracted to the bad boy in everything! Also, Alexander Skarsgard is just so damn beautiful!!!

Eric Northman Pictures, Images and Photos

Anyways, it's Sunday night and the show comes on at 9pm, I can't wait! This is the last episode before the Season Finale so you already know it's going to be juicy! TrueBlood > Twilight!!

Here's some Eric eye candy for all his admirers :)

Alexander Skarsgard/Eric Northman Pictures, Images and Photos