Friday, August 28, 2009

I ♥ Brazen Hussy!!

This is another reason why I love Toronto so much! BRAZEN HUSSY!! I found about Brazen Hussy in the beginning of 2008 and completely fell in love with the designs of the clothes! They're cute, comfortable and vibrant, plus it's all at an affordable price. I love love LOVE their dresses and skirts and I'm also a big fan of their swimwear. The best part is, the designers and creators of this Toronto based clothing line are FROM TORONTO!! Michele and Kathleen Pedro own and operate this line and they're definitely very business savvy.

While on Facebook, a notification popped up showing their Fall/Winter 2009 Collection and I LOVE IT!! If you want to find out more about the girls, their clothes, the history and see pictures of the good, check out the website, Brazen♥Hussy, or check out their Facebook♥Page

Here are some of the pieces from the Fall/Winter collection that I will definitely be getting my hands on!!;