Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Remember You

I remember you
Like childhood hiking trips
Vacationing at the sunset resort
Having the sun tan me then kiss me

I remember you
Standing there...
Tall, masculine and sexy

But now you‘re no longer here
No longer a part of me
Not in my arms
Not close by
or whispering words of arousals
Doing things to me you know you weren’t suppose to

I remember you

Very many text messages I saved as one of my many recollections of you
And at night I turn to the pages of my thoughts like a scrapbook.
Snapshots of encounters that only chokes me
Choke me to swallow my pride
Air dry myself from my sea of regret
And do what’s hard…let go and take the next big step
Still I know this hurts me more than it hurts you
For you know not what you do
Except existed
And left me twisted
To mold your empty presence into what could never be
Still I remember you
I remember you like arising to the smell of coffee
My nicotine in the morning
Until the coming of the dawning
Wishing I could at least hear your voice

I remember you like summertime BBQ's
Old school Reggae, hip hop and r&b tunes
The way they made my body sway
Smiles shading out all specks of gray

I remember you like …like nights in parks
Where hands meet
Lips greet
And thighs, my thighs invited you in to lay
No matter how hard I prayed you always had to go away
And left me to ponder
And reflect on what we sparked
Tears of a lonely heart greets the dark
Like water to fire releasing thin smoke
My signal up to the heavens asking for a breakthrough, my only hope

I remember you
Dropping lyrics on my voicemail
Rhyming words in our conversations
Dancing in the driver’s seat until we reached our destinations
Now it’s as if you’ve reached yours
All ties broken
Lost words between us become unspoken

If we pass each other in the street
Do we walk on by?
Or stop to speak?
Our friendship is...deceased

Still I remember you
I remember you

Out of sight
But not out of mind
Our spirits have traveled
Secluded in another time
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
I still and will always remember you
Even if you don’t ever want to remember us.