Tuesday, August 25, 2009

...the real problem.

“..perhaps the real problem is that we don’t spend enough time imagining what we want and then doing the work to sustain that vision. That is one of the fundamental ways the corporate-capitalist system tames us: by robbing us of our time and flooding us in a sea of bureaucratic red tape, which we are told is a necessary evil for guaranteeing our organizational existence. We don’t have time to stop and collectively reflect on the implications of this-why are we so concerned with saving organizations if they are not fully able to truly address the root of the problems we face? Often something feels off, but we feel stuck because we don’t have time to imagine how we might do it differently. We are too busy being told how to market ourselves by pimping our communities’ poverty in proposals, selling “results” in reports and accounting for our finances in financial reviews”. -Adoja Florencia Jones de Almeida “Radical Social Change