Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Men.. . ...Real Talk

You men are all the same
A. being stemmed from Adam
…..but missing a brain.
You walk a good walk
But talk expensive words
Drop lyrics played out of tune
Thinking every woman is a fool.
Not looking for a love that will last
Skip the appetizer, wanting just ass
Foreplay for you is gliding over the “getting to know each other” phase
Diving right into the main course meal revealed your doggish ways
Mr. Man, just admit you like the way I arouse you
With my hand's firm grip
My lip's soft kiss
And invite you in between legs that split.
See it’s obvious the words “COMMITMENT, RELATIONSHIP and NO”
Sends shivers up your spine
Not obeying your rules that hook like a choke hole
Only prompts me to do nothing but go, realizing you’ll never be mine.
My honesty spits loads of desperation
Admitting I’m tired of losing friends
Parting ways with men who failed to elevate my yearning
Only lead to having the chemistry fade, no real understand
You men are all the same
Thinking we still revolve around centuries, eras
Where women were frown upon, laid upon
Left at home to clean up, wash and cook
Run through your pockets for spare change
To maintain our good looks
Only spoke when spoken to
And only did what she was suppose to.
Mr. Man tell me why you laced my eyes with deceptions
Fronting like you’re an executive yet you can’t make real decisions
We connect simply because you write and eat poetry
But can never belch out one honest word of it to me
The highlight of your resume is “Works well by causing a delusion”
To get the job you dress the part by creating a good impression
Then shatter once you get your hands on my hips
Promoted up to meet my breast, enticing moves I can’t resist
Then disappear for days as if I don’t exist.
Too gangster or hardcore to hold hands in the park
Share with me your secrets in the dark
Too busy courting those who giggle like school girls
Leaves me diminished
What we sparked here is just near finished.
Men are all the same
Empty with no sense of dignity
No common sense to think “Maybe this is the right girl for me”
Only able to shoot hoops,
Burst bubbles of my high hopes
While inside you drown in the truth
I wonder if men can cry
Shed exteriors of what’s really rooted deep inside
Swallow words of rejection when never getting affection
It’s best you know *I’m not scared of lions, tigers and bears*
Scared of visiting the Babylon River to resurrect my tears
Mending a heart that’s deformed, broken out of its socket
Excuse me for wanting more than exchanging digits,
Or to even prance about, up and down with you in public
In the midnight hour
You long for us to be together
To play tease and please
Full your belly, set your mind at ease
Where are all the good men?
Am I late for the sale?
All these men out here have a penis and don't act like they are male.
Tired of being embraced by dusty words of sincerity
Still thriving, while believing I will finally taste the intensity.
And you command I treat you like the King you are
When you dress in doubtful rags, rock pants that sags
Bring me to the palace by sneaking me through the back door
Wanting to feast on my goodies, make love until we’re both sore.
I've skimped through your pages, I’m judging you now by your cover
Did an essay on the conclusion, Men to me are just not that clever
You men are the same, traveling in the same lane
I’m embarking out on a limb, flush the game since I just can’t win
Mr. Man just admit you thirst for me
Confess vows declaring our love could be
Grow up, real talks
Childhood games I can no longer stand
You will respect me, I do allure you
Because I Sir Am A Woman!

*Line taken from JAZMINE SULLIVAN LYRICS Lions, Tigers & Bears