Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I'm down for anything REMiX affiliated, related...blah blah. I've known the brains behind this project since High School and I'm proud to know them, ALL of them. What they're doing for this city is so remarkable and they go hard for our city.

To those reading, who don't know what REMiX is...The Remix Project,  is a United Nations award-winning National Crime Prevention program in Toronto. The program serves gifted but under-served and vulnerable young people across the GTA through courses fostering arts, cultural and life skills. As a result of its work, The Remix Project has helped to keep a number of young people off the streets and produced talented, newly motivated individuals. Over 110 graduates have been able to realize their creative and business potentials.

The Remix Project is a successful three-year-old program funded originally through a research and pilot grant by the National Crime Prevention Canada (NCPC)....BUT the NCPC funds research and pilot programs only , and The Remix Project's research component has ended. Although the NCPC believed the program was a success and would like to see it replicated in other cities, it was no longer able to continue funding. In addition, The Remix Project had to start looking for a new home come September 1st, because its current location will soon be transformed into condominium developments. With a $100,000 goal, The Remix Project set up a fundraising event to save the program. GIVE MONEY, MAKE CHANGE was a multi-faceted event including photography and visual arts installations, performances, a silent auction and a pledge-driven dance.
The event was a success and with the help of the city, REMiX raised over $30,000!!
Fast forward to the end of summer and after another successful semester with talented young individuals, REMiX is moving to their new home in November. Below is a video, copped from MadeInTheCity. It features 1LoveTO's blogger Bryan Brock at the end talking about REMiX.

This video features Gavin Sheppard inviting the public, family and friends to MadeInTheCity, which is their introduction to the city at Chic Chinoise Lounge, located on 214 King Street W. They invite all aspiring, ambitious and driven individuals looking to network with like-minded personalities to share the evening with them. The atmosphere will be established by the enticing sounds of DJ Lissa Monet (2009 Stylus award winner).  There will also be a special guest DJ who will be taking you straight through the remainder of the evening even after the bar closes.

This post ain't a booost at all, just spreading the good word about some dope peoples.
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